v2 now in production!

Put your practice in your patient's pocket

A modern smartphone app helps your practice stand out from the competition, enhances patient satisfaction and reduces friction in communication.

Features to help your Audiology practice stand out

  • Push notifications to patients

  • Hearing aid support videos

  • Manufacturer device manuals

  • NEW Bluetooth Support Section

  • Tinnitus sounds player

  • 'Review Us' section

  • Supply requests

Watch a quick demo of the app in action

Frequently asked questions

Who is building the app?
The team at Audflow will be building the app. Audflow is run by Chris and Stephanie Erickson, who have been working with Audiology practices for over 20 years.

Do you need to be a Audflow client to get a smartphone app?
No, any Audiology practice can get a smartphone app from us. You do not need to work with our other products and services. However we do only work with practices that have an Audiologist on staff.

Can I choose what videos and support materials are used?
Yes. If you have any videos or support materials, we can use those. We can also include manufacturer videos, resources and more. You choose what goes into your app!

Does the app work with iOS and Android?
Yes, the app works with both Apple and Android smartphones.

Are there long term contracts?
No, there are no long term contracts with our products or services.

Affordable for any practice

The smartphone app costs $145 per month and includes edits, maintenance and 2 push notifications per month. There is also a one-time setup fee of $695.